TE RATONGA HONONGA | Connection Service


Te Ratonga Hononga – Connection Service is part of the psycho-social response and recovery plan for COVID-19. The Ministry of Social Development is investing in Connector positions to provide connections and direct support to people so they can access information and services in the community. As part of getting back into employment or other life activities, some people may need to interact with multiple government agencies and providers but may not have the knowledge or confidence to do so.  As a result, they could miss out on entitled support and services and subsequently their health, wellbeing and future could be negatively impacted as a result.

The Service

Te Ratonga Hononga – Connection Service provides connections and direct support to people so they can access the information and services in the community that they need.

The service has three functions:

  • Supporting People and Whanau
  • Supporting Communities
  • Supporting Other Providers and Stakeholders

Taranaki Safe Families employs a Connector to deliver the service in the community.

Role of Connector

The Connector will provide the Te Ratonga Hononga – Connection service to people and whanau throughout the New Plymouth District.

The kind of support will be determined by the needs of the people and whanau they are helping.

For example this can be related to employment, education, crime, family violence, financial, health and general whanau/family wellbeing.

Referring to Te Ratonga Hononga

How it works

Criteria – people 18 years and over living in the New Plymouth District

How to make a referral to Te Ratongo Hononga Connector:

  • agencies can refer on your behalf with your consent
  • you can self-refer


Te Ratonga Hononga – Connection Service

Phone: (06) 759 1492 (Extension 7)

Mobile: 027 293 2546

Email: Connector@taranakisafefamilies.org.nz

Hours: Monday to Thursday: 9.00am to 4.00pm

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Taranaki

An adult who is at-risk of neglect, abuse, mistreatment or harm is very vulnerable and it is our goal to prevent harm and provide support.

Although this population is varied and diverse, adults at-risk may include people with intellectual disabilities, people with physical disabilities, elderly, and those without support systems.

Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Taranaki

The Connector can assist with a referral to Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults Taranaki which provides a range of safeguarding responses.

Find out more by visiting www.safefromabuse.org.nz or contact the Safeguarding Connector

Email: Connector@taranakisafefamilies.org.nz

Phone: (06) 759 1492 (Extension 7)

Mobile:  027 293 2546

Hours: Monday to Thursday: 9.00am to 4.00pm

Emergency Support

If you are requiring urgent police support, please dial 111, or 105 for a non-emergency police response.