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An Evening with Vic Tamati
26 Jun 2017

The Waitara Bears Rugby League Club, in collaboration with Taranaki Safe Families Trust and the national It's Not OK campaign, will be hosting An Evening with Vic Tamati on July the 10th, 2017 from 7pm at the Waitara Clifton Park Rugby League Club Rooms. Tamati travels the country speaking to groups of people about growing up with a violent father, to becoming involved in street violence and eventually being violent to his wife and children. In 1992, Tamati attending a stopping violence programme. He has been violence free for 20 years. This event is rated R17 and is free of charge. Contact tsft@xtra.co.nz for more information.

Countdown Sponsorship
21 Dec 2016

Kia Ora everyone,

As you may already know, we unfortunately had to cancel our White Ribbon Relay event today due to the weather. However, you may have noticed that Countdown have made changes to their policies on how they deal with family violence as employees. They kindly donated $500 to Taranaki Safe Families Trust today in support of family violence prevention and awareness.

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