Drunken son threatened to shoot his mother

Drunken son threatened to shoot his mother

A Taranaki mother expected to die when her son pointed an air rifle at her head and pulled the trigger, a court heard.

“You should have shot me when I was a baby but you couldn’t and now I’m going to do it to you, then I’m going to kill everybody else,” Rawiri David Mathew Makatea told the woman, the barrel touching her skin.

“Just pull the trigger,” she said, sick of hearing the threats made by her 32-year-old son.

The barrel pressed hard against her face, Makatea pulled the trigger but the firearm did not discharge, the New Plymouth District Court was told.

Kissing her, Makatea then put the rifle down.

“Actually a bullet is too clean. I am going to get an axe,” he said before heading back to his sleepout, located at his mother’s Waitara property.

There were seven people at the house when the December 2 incident occurred and Makatea had been drinking for three days, his sentencing heard on Wednesday.

About 10pm, he returned home and began to pace around the house, swearing and making hurtful comments.

In fear of his behaviour, the woman told the people at the house, to go into a bedroom for their own safety.

Makatea was angry, verbally abusive and aggressive, Judge Gregory Hikaka said in his summary.

Continuing to drink and pace, Makatea grew angry at his mother over a packet of cigarettes which then led to him talking about killing her partner.

He then began striking his mother across the face with a woven basket, before heading out to his sleepout and returning with the gun, a long single-barrelled air rifle which his mother thought he had got rid of it.

Makatea then began smashing his mother’s property, including pots, a television, cupboard doors and upturning a couch.

At this point, another relative arrived but quickly left when Makatea pointed the gun at him.

Makatea attempted to follow the man but then returned and continued to break items.

He eventually left the property on a bicycle and was arrested by police a short distance away. The firearm was located on his bed.

In court, defence lawyer Josie Mooney said her client has a limited recollection due to the volume of alcohol he had consumed.

However, he did remember “flashes”, which included knowing the gun was not loaded as he had tried to use it on himself earlier, she said.

Mooney said he had been suffering grief from the loss of his brother.

A restorative justice conference between Makatea and his mother was described as “particularly positive”.

Judge Hikaka said a report provided to the court considered Makatea a significant risk of violent reoffending.

He had previously admitted two charges of threatens to kill, two firearm offences, including unlawful possession of the rifle, and assaulting a person with a blunt instrument.

He was jailed for two years and four months.

An order was made for the destruction of the firearm.